Hiking Humboldt

5 Fabulous Day-Hike Loops

Hiking in Humboldt County, California

Primeval forests harboring the world’s tallest trees. Sea cliffs, pristine beaches, and towering coastal sand dunes. Mountain prairies, meadows, and vistas. Rivers, lakes, lagoons, and bays. Bears, elk, seals, otters, and birds galore. And solitude – lots and lots of solitude.

Here we suggest 5 fabulous day hike loops in Humboldt County from each of the hiking regions in Hiking Humboldt Volume 1 by Kenneth Burton. These are places where you can really get away from it all! Read about all 55 hikes HERE.

Hike 8: James Irvine – Miner’s Ridge

Hike 14: Patrick’s Point

Hike 27: Cooskie Creek – Punta Gorda

Hike 41: Johnson Trail Camp

Hike 47: Board Camp Mountain

Want to explore more? Buy the book at a local independent bookstore or directly from Backcountry Press and #getoutside today.



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