Hiking Humboldt

5 Best Winter Hikes

Hiking in the winter? You betcha!

The temperate climate of Humboldt County offers year-round hiking options, even in the heart of winter. Our coastline is renowned for its beauty and is a land whimsically wavering between bays, lagoons, rocky shorelines, and open grasslands. The North Coast of Humboldt County supports one of the most visually humbling coniferous forests in the region—if not the world. Hiking Humboldt Volume 1 offers adventures ranging from easy strolls to challenging adventures, all require at least a couple of hours but can be done in a single day, even factoring in driving time from Eureka. Below are 5 of the best winter hikes in Humboldt—but many more can be found!

Hike 15: Trinidad

Hike 19: Arcata Marsh

Hike 20: Manila Dunes to Ma-le’l Dunes

Hike 25: Russ Park

Hike 34: Richardson Grove State Park

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