Hiking Humboldt

Hike 13: Humboldt Lagoons


This hike follows the California Coastal Trail as it makes its way through the park, mostly on sandy spits. It starts with a traverse of the mile-long Stone Lagoon spit, then cuts inland to bypass a steep headland, going through aspen and spruce forest. It reemerges on Dry Lagoon Beach, then goes through a rocky section of beach (impassable at high tide) and finishes with the 3½-mile Big Lagoon spit. The Stone and Big Lagoon spits can breach in winter and it may or may not be possible to wade across.

eBird list for Humboldt Lagoons hike & vicinity

Humboldt Lagoons State Parkinfo@parks.ca.gov, 707-677-3570 (Patrick’s Point State Park)

Big Lagoon County Park707-445-7651 (Humboldt County Parks)

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