Hiking Humboldt

Hike 14: Patrick’s Point


The Patrick’s Point route includes most of the park’s trails and the majority of its iconic features with a minimum of backtracking and a general avoidance of roads. Junctions are poorly signed, but the park is so small that you can’t get very lost. Pick up a free park map on the way in. Additional spurs to locations such as the Rim Trail Overlook, Mussel Rocks, Rocky Point, and Palmer’s Point may be added for a longer hike.

eBird list for Patrick’s Point hike & vicinity

Patrick’s Point State Parkinfo@parks.ca.gov, 707-677-3570

  • Ken Burton

    The Rim Trail between the Rim Trail Overlook and the Mussel Rocks Trail has been rerouted. It now takes you to the Mussel Rocks parking lot, where you have to turn right onto the Mussel Rocks Trail then left to continue on the Rim Trail.

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