Hiking Humboldt

Hike 2: Dolason Prairie to Redwood Creek


This hike is not only long, it includes nearly two miles in a rocky stream bed with six fords and ends with a long, hard climb. It traverses several mountain prairies and passes an historic barn as it drops off the Bald Hills into the Redwood Creek valley. The forest composition changes dramatically with the change in elevation. The section along Redwood Creek is passable only during the dry season; wear shorts and carry river sandals, a towel, and a plastic bag. The hike passes the Tall Trees Trailhead and could be done as a 5.3- or 7.9-mile car shuttle.

eBird list for Dolason Prairie to Redwood Creek hike & vicinity

Redwood National and State Parks707-465-7765 (Kuchel Visitor Center)

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