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Hike 21: Bucksport to King Salmon

Bucksport to King Salmon

Bucksport to King Salmon

Despite its quasi-urban setting, Bucksport to King Salmon feels remarkably wild in places. It starts near the mouth of the Elk River, the Humboldt Bay watershed’s largest stream, on the new and very popular Hikshari’ Trail and follows the river before heading down the bay-shore. It passes a wide variety of habitats, including estuary, willow thickets, pastures, wetlands, bay, and dunes, and offers excellent birding opportunities; a spotting scope will make the birding, if not the hiking, more rewarding. The unpaved portions of the route present a rather challenging mix of loose gravel, cobbles, rocks, sand, and train tracks. Spur trails offer numerous opportunities to explore.

eBird list for Bucksport to King Salmon hike & vicinity

The Eureka Waterfront Trailwebmaster@ci.eureka.ca.gov, 707-441-4241 (City of Eureka Parks & Recreation Department)

North Coast Rail Authorityncra.hiedy@sbcglobal.net, 707-463-3280

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (Humboldt Division)

Humboldt County Public Works Department: 707-445-7652

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