Hiking Humboldt

Hike 22: Eel River Spit

Eel River Spit

Eel River Spit

This long, sandy spit extends from Table Bluff south to the mouth of the Eel River. Few people hike the whole thing; most of those who reach the tip do so on horseback or by 4WD. Walking one way on the beach and the other behind the dunes provides two totally different experiences. Most of the spit lies within the state-owned Eel River Wildlife Area; winter is the best season for birds.

eBird list for Eel River Spit hike & vicinity

Table Bluff County Park707-445-7651 (Humboldt County Parks)

Eel River Wildlife Areaaskregion1@dfg.ca.gov, 707-445-6493 (California Department of Fish and Wildlife Eureka Office)

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