Hiking Humboldt

Hike 24: Fortuna Riverfront


This is the only substantial off-road walk in the Fortuna area and is a popular destination for folks in the Eel River valley. It offers pleasant views of the lower Eel River valley and passes an interesting mix of industrial, commercial, and agricultural land uses. The riparian forest at the south end is characteristic of the region’s large streams, and this hike offers good bird-watching opportunities.

eBird list for Fortuna Riverfront hike & vicinity

Mercer-Fraser Company707-725-2326 (Plant A – Sandy Prairie)

Humboldt County Public Works Department707-445-7652

US Army Corps of Engineers (San Francisco District)415-503-6804

Fortuna River Lodge Conference Center707-725-7572

Eureka Ready Mix Concrete Company, Inc.707-725-4417 (Alton Plant)

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