Hiking Humboldt

Hike 26: Eel River Estuary Preserve


This private preserve, established in 2011 by The Wildlands Conservancy, incorporates 1,100 acres of grassland, marshes, dunes, beach, and river frontage. In winter, it’s a fantastic place for birds, especially waterfowl and raptors. Preexisting uses, such as grazing and waterfowl hunting, continue under lease, while restoration and visitor infrastructure development projects are underway. This hike covers virtually the entire trail system, some of which follows old, overgrown ranch tracks to the Eel River. I have tacked on some beach walking as well. The east side of the north loop is impassable at high tide and likely to be soggy at other times. The preserve is open only by reservation.

eBird list for Eel River Estuary Preserve hike & vicinity

Eel River Estuary Preserveinfo@twc-ca.org, 707-672-4725

  • Ken Burton

    I just received word from the Preserve Manager that folks are showing up there to do the hike without making reservations. This preserve is private and visitors are not admitted without reservations. Don’t even think about doing this hike without making a reservation!

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