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Hike 27: Cooskie Creek – Punta Gorda

Cooskie Creek

Cooskie Creek – Punta Gorda

Cooskie Creek – Punta Gorda is one of those Lost Coast hikes that really makes you feel lost. The Cooskie Creek Trail is seldom used, under-maintained, and sometimes hard to follow. From the beach, it rises very steeply, then more gradually, through gloomy forest and sun-baked prairie, finally topping out at Gorda 2. The descent back to the beach is knee-jarring and slippery. The return leg up the coast is mostly rocky and very challenging and there’s a nasty climb at the end. The payoff? Solitude, outstanding views, an historic lighthouse, and a sense of accomplishment. What more could anyone ask of a hike? The recommended direction for the loop is clockwise, but the tide schedule may necessitate counterclockwise.

eBird list for Cooskie Creek – Punta Gorda hike & vicinity

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