Hiking Humboldt

Hike 33: Chemise Mountain


This hike goes through a variety of forest types and ages and offers a couple of excellent views. It starts in the Bear Creek valley and passes a lovely meadow complex called Hidden Valley before climbing through dense, second-growth forest to a ridge-line with a great view of the ocean. It then drops back down to Bear Creek and follows an interpretive trail before returning to the ridge and on to the summit of Chemise Mountain. From the top there’s a wonderful view of the hills and valleys to the east.

eBird list for Chemise Mountain hike & vicinity

King Range National Conservation Area707-986-5400

  • From Aly Krystkowiak

    Hi there, a friend and I did Hike 33 in volume one yesterday- Chemise Mountain. I thought I would alert you to a LARGE error in the book that would have made my friend and I very lost had we not been equipped with maps and gps. It says in the book to go “right again at the Chemise Mountain Primitive Area sign (3.1) and left at the next junction (3.3). It is definitely a RIGHT at the junction at 3.3 mi, as going left leads southwest, away from the “original junction” that leads to Chemise Mountain. Love this book but the directions are a little scetchy in their vagueness. It makes it fun in some cases and a little scary in others. I always use GPS thankfully. I bought volume two and promptly lent it to a friend but can wait to get started! I have done many hikes from volume one 🙂 thanks and let me know if there is somewhere more appropriate to send my suggestion/edit. The hiking in humboldt site is hard to me to navigate- I tried posting on the forum but it didn’t work. Thanks and take it easy!!

    • We will update this in our next printing, thanks!

    • Ken Burton

      With all due respect, I think you’re wrong on this one. The junction at 3.3 is the same as the one at 2.3. You’re completing the loop there, and turning right would put you right back into the loop again.

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