Hiking Humboldt

Hike 37: Grasshopper Peak


Although this is the longest hike in the book and has the greatest elevation range, it’s the shortest route to Grasshopper Peak, the highest point in HRSP. It does use a seasonal bridge; the Grasshopper Multi-use Trail from the north is the shortest year-round alternative. The route climbs gradually up the east flank of the mountain, with only a few short steep sections. It’s mostly in shade with short open stretches through areas heavily burned in the 2003 Canoe Fire; it’s interesting to see how much more damaging the fire was at the upper elevations. The nearly 360º view from the top is well worth the effort of getting there.

eBird list for Grasshopper Peak hike & vicinity

Humboldt Redwoods State Parkinfo@parks.ca.gov, 707-946-2409

  • Ken Burton

    Oops! This is NOT the shortest route to the peak! The route from the north via the Grasshopper Multi-use Trail is 0.9 mile shorter each way and doesn’t rely on a seasonal bridge – but it is harder and less scenic.

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