Hiking Humboldt

Hike 42: Baxter-Homestead Loop


Baxter-Homestead Loop is an easy hike with a lot of variety and features five stream fords. Most of the route passes through dense, second-growth forest on land added to the park after the 1964 flood to help restore the Bull Creek watershed and reduce erosion and flooding. Half the ascent comes in the first ¾ mile, so the work is over quickly. The descent back to Bull Creek is gradual, with numerous switchbacks. The last two miles meander back and forth across Bull Creek, without the help of bridges, through a diverse mosaic of habitats and past some historic buildings. During high-flow periods, or if you don’t want wet feet, you can avoid all the fords by cutting through Baxter Campground and returning along Mattole Road.

eBird list for Baxter-Homestead Loop hike & vicinity

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