Hiking Humboldt

Hike 45: Skull Camp Trail


Skull Camp Trail in Humboldt County

This is a butt-kicker! With more elevation gain than any other hike in the book, it climbs two major ridges, one of them twice, and ends with a brutal climb; no one will think less of you if you do it as a car shuttle. The footing is often slippery. The rewards, aside from the workout, are utter solitude and some superb views of a little-visited part of the county. The trail passes alternately through coniferous forest, oak woodland, and prairie, providing an excellent cross-section of these inland habitats. The route uses clearly-defined trails, old logging roads, and overgrown cow paths; recent trail work has helped define the route more clearly. Long pants are advised due to burs.

eBird list for Skull Camp Trail hike & vicinity

Six Rivers National Forest Mad River Ranger District707-574-6233

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