Hiking Humboldt

Hike 49: Patterson Meadows

Patterson Meadows

Along the hike to Patterson Meadows

The Tish Tang Trail provides the most direct access to Humboldt’s largest montane meadow complex, with some spectacular views along the way. Sadly, it is rapidly brushing in after recent wildfires and soon will be impassable unless the Forest Service intervenes. It climbs through a small section of lightly burned forest before crossing the south fork of Tish Tang a Tang Creek (this may be challenging to cross in spring). Most of the rest of the hike climbs more gradually through incinerated forest, now a mass of brush and burned snags and logs. The trail is already hard to follow here; look for cut logs and flagging tape marking the route and never lose track of your last known landmark. Eventually, the trail tops a ridge and descends into the meadows; the un-burned forest on the other side makes a pleasant rest spot before the return trip. Use of a GPS unit with the track loaded is strongly recommended for this hike.

eBird list for Patterson Meadows hike & vicinity

Six Rivers National Forest Lower Trinity Ranger District530-629-2118

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