Hiking Humboldt

Hike 51: Lookout Rock

Lookout Rock

Lookout Rock

If you can follow this trail, you should feel proud and will be rewarded with expansive, flower-filled meadows; small alpine lakes; and incredible vistas of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Most of it runs through the site of the 1999 Megram Fire and is brushy and overgrown. It climbs steeply over the shoulder of North Trinity Mountain to Water Dog Lakes, then descends into a basin before climbing again, more gradually and not as much, to Lookout Rock, with views east across Red Cap Canyon to the Devil’s Backbone. The trail is essentially nonexistent in places, so a GPS with the track loaded is highly recommended.

eBird list for Lookout Rock hike & vicinity

Six Rivers National Forest Lower Trinity Ranger District530-629-2118
Six Rivers National Forest Orleans Ranger District530-627-3291

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