Hiking Humboldt

Hike 52: Red Cap Hole

Red Cap Hole


This hike in the Trinity Alps Wilderness has very little elevation change, passes through some beautiful montane meadows, and makes a detour on the return leg to a secluded lake for a refreshing dip. It also traverses forest slowly recovering from the 1999 Megram Fire; be prepared for downed trees and brush impinging on the trail. If the trail beyond the end is ever reopened, it could be linked to Hike 49 to make an awesome loop, best done counterclockwise.

eBird list for Red Cap Hole hike & vicinity

Six Rivers National Forest Lower Trinity Ranger District530-629-2118

  • Ken Burton

    Erratum: The maximum elevation of this hike is 5450 feet, not 6450 feet.

  • Ken Burton

    The trail is not being maintained beyond Mill Creek Lake. Lots of downed logs and encroaching brush.

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