Hiking Humboldt

Hike 5: Lost Man Creek


The Lost Man Creek Trail is a hiking/biking trail on old logging roads, and the two ends are strikingly different. This hike starts at 2,000 feet on Bald Hills Road and runs north along the spine of Holter Ridge on the edge of RNP through dense, second-growth, mixed-evergreen forest. The park service is thinning the forest on its side of the trail to catalyze regeneration, and the difference between the park on the left and private timberland on the right is striking; the trail may be closed, for this work, so check ahead. About six miles along, it veers west and drops steeply into Lost Man Creek canyon, ending up close to sea level in old-growth redwood forest alongside the creek, where dippers are known to nest. The temperature at the bottom is consistently cool, while at the top it can be quite warm in summer and quite cold in winter. This trail is not heavily used, especially above the bottom mile or so.

eBird list for Lost Man Creek hike & vicinity

Redwood National and State Parks707-465-7765 (Kuchel Visitor Center)


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