Hiking Humboldt

Region C: Urban Corridor

RegionCAlthough the small portion of Humboldt extending from McKinleyville south to Scotia and west to Ferndale contains most of the county’s population, it can be considered “urban” only relative to the rest of the region. Eureka, the largest coastal city between San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound, has a population of only 27,000. One of the great rewards of living in Humboldt is the superb forest, riverine, and shoreline recreation areas in such close proximity to the population centers.

16. Hammond Trail – Hiller Park
17. Mad River Spit
18. Arcata Community Forest
19. Arcata Marsh 
20. Manila Dunes to Ma-l’el Dunes
21. Bucksport to King Salmon 
22. Eel River Spit
23. Headwaters Forest
24. Fortuna Riverfront
25. Russ Park
26. Eel River Estuary Preserve

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