Hiking Humboldt

Region E: Southern Redwoods

RegionEThe redwood forests of the Eel River watershed are quite different from those of northern Humboldt County.  The summer climate here is warmer and drier and the vegetation reflects this in several conspicuous ways.  The understory is much more open and the vegetation composition is different, with fewer ferns, more poison oak, and vast carpets of redwood sorrel. The redwoods themselves are essentially restricted to the alluvial flats along streams and often, just a few yards up-slope, the dominant trees are Douglas-fir and tanoak.

34. Richardson Grove
35. Benbow to Garberville
36. Williford – Williams Grove
37. Grasshopper Peak
38. River Trail
39. Bull Creek Flats
40. Peavine Ridge
41. Johnson Trail Camp
42. Baxter-Homestead Loop
43. Indian Orchard – Pole Line
44. Upper Bull Creek

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