Hiking Humboldt

Region A: Redwood National and State Parks

regionARedwood National and State Parks is a shining example of a successful partnership between state and federal land-management agencies, now preserved for all to enjoy as a complex of a national park and three state parks. Its ecological importance is reflected in its further designation as a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve.

The Hikes:

  1. Coyote Creek 
  2. Dolason Prairie to Redwood Creek
  3. 44 Camp and Creek
  4. Redwood Creek Trail 
  5. Lost Man Creek 
  6. Rhododendron – Cathedral Trees 
  7. West Ridge – Prairie Creek
  8. James Irvine – Miner’s Ridge
  9. Fern Canyon – Friendship Ridge
  10. Trillium Falls to Lady Bird Johnson Grove 
  11. Skunk Cabbage
  12. McArthur Creek
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